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“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

With a targeted content strategy and strategic placement, smaller signage allows you to supplement your main signage and reach audiences in spaces where larger screens would be ineffective.

While larger screens can be used to for wayfinding, rotating retail advertisements and corporate messaging, smaller screens can be utilized as additional, yet integral pieces to your digital signage campaign. Wayfinding screens can be supplemented with screens outside conference rooms to show availability. Digital signage software is linked to your company’s digital calendar to display real-time data and even allow for in-person booking. While Americans spend years waiting in lines, smaller surfaces in these lines can give customers a preview of the menu or work as a sales tool to advertise promotions or specials. If you have a large corporate or retail floor plan, smaller signs in vestibules, stairwells or side entrances, would support main wayfinding kiosks and building directories.

In a time where information is abundant and attention spans are limited, digital signage can often be overwhelming. Date, time, weather, a news ticker and social media often are displayed in addition to your main message. Depending on the screen size and location, multi-region content isn’t always as effective on small real estate. So these smaller screens are a terrific opportunity to display your “money” message. Make it the only thing your customer views for those precious few seconds when you have their undivided attention. In a banking environment, smaller screens at a check desk with information related to checking and savings accounts can be highly effective since you are tailoring your message to improve the experience in which the customer is currently involved.

Smaller screens are also perfect to drive home specific points. If you avoid visual clutter, get to the point and are strategic with placement, smaller screens will be just as valuable as large screens in a digital signage network.

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