Ask the Board – May 21, 2018 | MARK GEIGER


“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

When it comes to digital signage, I’m a fan of go big or go home.  However, I do realize there is a need for signage on small surfaces.  The convention center I work at is currently in the process of evaluating digital screens for the outside of 106 meeting rooms, three auditoriums and two ballrooms, which I would consider smaller surfaces.  I believe this will be a very effective use of space for signage because of the benefits it will provide customers.  This installation will allow customers to display and update room signage to reflect meeting schedules during their events.  Additional benefits include no need for customers to assemble and place easels with foam boards or meter boards outside each room to provide information.  The cost savings of not printing and the ability to change signage quickly is a true win-win.

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