Ask the Board – May 21, 2018 | MEGAN CARDAMAN


“What are some of the most effective ways to utilize smaller surfaces for signage or projection?”

There are a few ways to most effectively use smaller surfaces for digital signage, and most of those fall into specific use cases. Smaller digital signs, like a digital kiosk for example, can be very effective in a one-to-one situation when just one consumer/ customer/client needs to use the kiosk. Smaller signage in this case is necessary and functions in a more personalized manner.

Another great utilization of a smaller screen that is used across many industries is digital signs outside of meeting rooms or conference rooms. When integrated with an event management system or a room scheduler system, these small displays can provide valuable information that is helpful in the business world, the association world for large conferences and so many more applications.

One important factor to remember when using smaller surfaces is – and doesn’t it always go back to this – content and design. The smaller the screen, the smaller the content/design on it must be. Crowding, readability and size of display are three factors to consider when going smaller. If you’re going smaller, the reach is typically smaller, which is fine is some cases, but again, realizing that there is a pretty low ratio between potential viewers and cost because of the small size.


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