Ask the Board – May 29, 2019 | IGNAZ GORISCHEK


“What new types of display technologies will be making an impact on our digital signage networks and why? (e.g., OLED, eInk, Narrow Pitch LED, Laser Projection).”

The future of digital is going to be very interesting. I remember a scene from Back to the Future in which they were walking past a billboard, and a huge 3D shark jumped off the sign at them. I remember thinking how cool that was! Well, I think we are well on our way to seeing something like that. There is no doubt the industry will change, but I am excited about the change. The new possibilities and endless applications will open exciting new results, new creative opportunities, and who knows, maybe new business opportunities. We will start to see digital applications in places we either didn’t expect or thought not possible. Keeping up with the technologies is probably the most challenging. In any case, I love what the future holds for digital, and I’m excited to see the numerous outcomes! 

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