Ask the Board – May 29, 2019 | JONATHAN BRAWN


“What new types of display technologies will be making an impact on our digital signage networks and why? (e.g., OLED, eInk, Narrow Pitch LED, Laser Projection).”

For now, OLED is not quite ideal for signage use – it has amazing image quality and is incredibly thin and flexible, but it burns in, meaning we have to be extra careful. However, that will probably change in the long term. In the short-term, microLED displays (like Samsung’s The Wall and Sony’s CrystaLED) will finally start to get used (if you have the budget). Ultra-fine pitch LED is definitely going to continue to get more common as prices go down. Just take a look at the exhibitors from last DSE – many LED vendors. For everyone who thinks projection is dead, ambient light-rejecting screens and laser light engines are going to keep that type of technology relevant for some time. And projection mapping will continue to deliver results that can’t be matched with other technologies. 

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