Ask the Board – May 6, 2019 | BRYAN MESZAROS


“What advice do you have for store designers when they are asked to plan digital signage in a retail space?”

Store designers should perceive digital signage as a functional design element in the space instead of an object on the wall. Designers tend to be afraid of utilizing technology in their designs because of the obstruction it may cause, or they to devise a way to create visual consistency. First and foremost, look beyond the “black 16:9 frame” as there are many ways to cosmetically conceal that and/or seamlessly integrate displays within the fabric of an environment. Sight lines are important to consider as well as high traffic areas; viewer engagement is only successful if the audience can see the display…that translates to placing all technology within a proper viewing position. Digital signage is more than just a screen – it’s a blank canvas that can (with great content) visually alter a person’s behavior and/or perception of a space. It’s an element that allows you to create relevance and helps establish a deeper connection with the brand. Lastly, explore different visual technologies that exist, go beyond the shelves of Best Buy and visit a conference focused on digital signage to explore the other types of visual technologies that exist. All designers should do the same research when identifying different design materials, and designing for digital signage is no different. 


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