Ask the Board – May 7, 2018 | BRYAN MESZAROS


“What sorts of content trends in designs, topics or categories do you believe will emerge within the next 12 months?”

It’s always interesting to see what trends stick around for a while and which ones quickly become “one hit wonders.” I think we are going to see a spike in data-generated content in the months to come.  We’ve mastered the art of using a CMS to control when content is displayed, but now we are starting to discover the power of using data to render visuals and contextual information in real time. I think that the trend of “data visualization” only continues to manifest itself by aligning content generation with user behaviors within a physical space. This means that the way we shop, the areas we frequent … all that data will combine to create visual relevancy. The last trend I see, which is more design related, is more consistency across the channels, meaning the design principles we use for mobile, desktop, etc. will shape the way we create content for out-of-home. 

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