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“What sorts of content trends in designs, topics or categories do you believe will emerge within the next 12 months?”

Environments, audiences and brands will always dictate design. Categories are always established by business objectives and the content’s role in a broader strategy and content marketing system.

So let’s look at what I hope will be a trend in 2018. We have been hammered over the head with calls for data, data and more data…and rightly so. There has always been talk of generating data from digital signage. Some have been more successful than others at using DS data to map engagement … mostly due to the application and environment. 

Others are looking for ways to utilize data to automate content. Sometimes, this is play listing of content driven by preset triggers in real time. Sometimes this is the inclusion of content based on data information sources. What I would like to see is an increased use of other types of data to drive behavioral change in the audience.

All clients have data. They have data on their customers (demographic, spending, psychographic), data on the geography of their locations, data on the cultural and economic portrait surrounding their retail locations. Why not use that data in the development of content? And by that, I mean put it directly IN the content.

If you are trying to get a reluctant Millennial to start saving and investing, bring data to the table to motivate them. If you have data from a client or other sources saying Millennials know they need to save, but 47 percent don’t because they feel it will negatively impact their lifestyle, create content that shows them how to have their cake and eat it too. Use data and stats to let them know it is okay and that there are ways to change their behavior.

There is limited time and space to change behaviors of audiences in retail. A hard-hitting data fact can achieve what volumes of copy can’t. It brings perspective, acceptance, support and acknowledgement. Who can change behavior without those elements?

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