Ask the Board – May 7, 2018 | JIM NISTA


“What sorts of content trends in designs, topics or categories do you believe will emerge within the next 12 months?”

I’m excited to see more video with live data insertions. The idea that video has to be pre-rendered and static is something we’ll see changing more and more. For example, if a retail chain has different discount amounts by region, that means the creative agency is creating, rendering and deploying each video uniquely at it is now. This can turn into asset management headaches fast. With video that has data elements and overlays, one video is created with a data layer to call out to a data service to get local discount amounts on the fly. This is being done already with HTML5, but animation and creative is limited there. We’ll begin to see more data-driven video content as motion graphics designers begin to collaborate with programmers to create a single asset approach to video with changing price points.

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