Ask the Board – May 7, 2018 | JONATHAN DODGE


“What sorts of content trends in designs, topics or categories do you believe will emerge within the next 12 months?”

Considering how much of the last year has seen pivotal points for digital signage growth, we can expect 2018 to be an even bigger year for evolving content. The biggest trend that will emerge will be interactive displays for everyone. We will go from touchscreens to interactivity using voice, gesture, linked technologies or consumer data. Interactivity will become important as increasing attention and engagement will lead to stronger ROI. 

With the growing voice segment (Siri, Alexa, Okay Google) as a primary interface, consumers will become more inclined to use voice as a driver of engagement and for serving content.  

Gesture interactivity is becoming more reliable and can replace touch displays. Health conscious consumers have expressed distaste for touch in high traffic, public spaces.  Gesture becomes a new level of engagement that also serves those less inclined to interact with direct touch. Also, movement triggering content can act as an attract loop for catching attention. For example, walking by a kiosk could trigger a greeting or ambient movement to catch the eye.

Lastly, consumer data is going to continue to be a key driver in content. Understanding the consumer will help identify content segments and delivery tools. However, linking technologies can take this a step further.  For examples, retail clients that capture consumer purchase behavior understand the individual’s propensity for purchasing specific items. By linking shopping applications with beacon technology, a series of content streams can be selected to better target this consumer. Essentially, this means taking what is already being done on the web, but moving the same logic to the physical space.  

A lot of these content approaches are being tested and used in controlled environments, but we will begin to see them transition into commercial environments in the coming year.  

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