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What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

There are so many different technologies that we see from year to year, and it’s hard to pick the one that we feel will be a game-changer for our business in the coming year. With that said, I am going to highlight a couple of technologies that we plan on using that are helping us support a huge company initiative of cutting costs and generating revenue. 

In our environment, one of the things we are looking at to be a game-changer for our company is monetization of our digital infrastructure. We will use both our digital signage environment as well as our in-room and broadcast TV locations to generate revenue by selling external ads to show at these locations. The technologies we need to use for these are:

Proof of playback reporting.
It may seem very simple but this is a requirement of all external advertisers, and having the ability to show advertisers how many times their spot has played and at which locations could help us generate millions in annual revenue, thus a pseudo game-changer for us.

Local advertising step on.
This technology would be used in our sleeping rooms again to help generate revenue. The technology allows us the ability to overstep local advertising on our broadcast IPTV system and interject ads that we want thereby gaining another huge revenue opportunity to allow us to sell this space externally.

L bar-/-squeeze back/overlays.
To continue the theme of generating revenue, this technology allows us to squeeze back broadcast TV in bars and lounges and interject advertising. For example, we could sell a bear ad and during a sports broadcast allow for a large bottle with a special offer fly across the screen, or squeeze the screen with a scroll and graphic for an ad.

All in all, some of these technologies have been around for a while, but we see these as game-changers based on needs and initiatives within our business to find new ways of either saving, or in our case, generating a completely new revenue stream.

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