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What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

We are excited about the display technology. Production advancements that are driving larger and more affordable displays this year will allow us to expand our digital signage system more quickly and to new use cases. Higher-resolution screens mean we can do larger displays for viewers at a closer distance, and that changes the whole viewership paradigm. Instead of expecting the viewer to step back and read a message on the whole screen, we can start using the signage as an organic part of the environment, like wallpaper with a purpose.

The increase in resolution makes smaller screens more useful as well. That opens up new opportunities on screens as small as a conference room schedule screen, or even mobile devices. Other advancements, like curved screens, will give our digital signage more of an impact in cluttered spaces. I dream of the day when we can get away from the standard rectangular aspect ratios, and develop content that can be used in circles, ovals, ribbons, cylinders and other shapes that work better in the environment.

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