Ask the Board – May 9, 2016 | DANIEL ORME-DOUTRE


What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

Mobile and the proliferation of easy apps continue to drive our evaluations of the digital signage system. While there is no ‘one technology’ per se, there is a convergence of apps, mobile and IoT devices that cross paths with traditional digital signage. Our users are very mobile and constantly migrating to different technologies. They want the latest and greatest in news, events and information. So when it comes down to digital signage, it brings up questions around how the content management system can receive and deliver content to all these technologies. Users want instant access and ease of use. Signage operators/owners want the same, but the scopes don’t necessarily merge across the technologies. We are constantly toying with and testing technologies that create efficiencies across the board. Sensors, NFC, BLE and Cloud are all part of our larger ecosystem but not one is a game changer. Drones? Nope. Someday but not right now!

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