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What technology will be a game-changer for your business in 2016 and beyond?

Certain industries just always seem to be on the cutting edge of “stuff.” Digital signage is always there. You can apply almost any new marketing idea, widget, hardware or software to digital signage. So what will be the game-changer for 2016? Will it be the smaller faster computer boards that are fan-less and energy-saving or the integrated software systems that require less hardware horsepower, but have double the features from the previous year?

Like any other system, digital signage will boil down to a specific goal, which will contain hardware, software and implementation. Each of these categories individually has grown exponentially every year and it impresses me that our signs still work after the abuse we put them through. Our equipment melts in the summer when it is 110 degrees (F) and freezes in the winter. This year, one of the buildings that housed our equipment burned down. We “entered” the building in the aftermath and pulled our equipment to find the rack still intact. After a little smoke and gunk cleanup, we stood back and turned it on… and it worked!! We can tell it worked for quite a while during the fire on the UPS before powering off. Of course, we ordered replacement equipment, but it ran for several months until the new equipment was purchased and a new home for the sign was located.

Getting back to the original question, my crystal ball suggests that the game-changer for the future is going to be integration. One of the key points I am looking for is the day we can use “smart-TVs,” plug a network cable into them and display what the server is sending out on a common language and format making it easier for integration and commonality among manufacturers.

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