Ask the Board – November 19, 2018 | JERRY HARRIS


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

Overall, the biggest takeaway for me at DSE 2018 was the digital signage applications within the smart city sector. It’s safe to say that digital signage is no longer an afterthought in public spaces. To get information to the masses, advertisers have to take every advantage possible to get the message out to the public. We all know that Times Square has been the country’s central digital signage heartbeat for decades. However, with more and more information being pushed at you every eight to 10 seconds, how do you grab the attention of the potential customer? One city’s plan is to use NFC or other proximity technologies that can target certain demographics or even alert everyone within a geographic location. The more municipalities develop these smart cities, the more digital signage will play key role(s) in wayfinding, general information and even providing a canvas for screening shows, movies, etc.

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