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“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

Every year, I attend DSE, and every year, I look forward to the latest advances in digital display technology along with some surprises.  This year did not disappoint.

At DSE 2018, there were the standard displays, projectors, and Content Management Software platforms proudly arranged throughout the conference center.  As always, they demonstrated advancements in their own right.  But what caught my eye was some new technology that I’d not seen before.  I’m referring to the LED Hologram Fan displays. This is definitely a technology I can get behind.  It’s very accessible, affordable and can be used in so many applications. I especially like the way it’s portable, making it possible to display content where it’s needed, as it’s needed. To be able to spontaneously display your content cheaply and effectively, as well as take up very little room, can open new doors for retail industry. This all without even mentioning the fact that it’s a 3D hologram! Viewers will just stop and look for the coolness factor alone.  It’s time to break free from the “confined frame” and actually reach out and grab the viewer!  The LED Hologram Fan displays do just that.

As always, the DSE introduces me to display technologies I’ve never seen or only have heard about.  This year was no exception.  Look to these LED Hologram Fans to appear more in retail and get ready to finally view content as it should be viewed, in 3D and free from the confines of a frame hanging on a wall.


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