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“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

DSE 2018 was once again a tremendous show, and the biggest takeaway I had from it was the development of ‘techorating.’  Techorating is a term to describe taking digital signage and incorporating it into architecture or as pieces of architecture, so that the signage becomes organic within the building/environment it is housed in. It’s no longer considered an add on, but part of the overall design and initial thought process when designing a building, room, lobby, restaurant, etc.  I found so many new examples of it, using all methods of technology from direct view LED to projection-mapped elements.   

What the trend shows is a direction towards the experience of entering, using and being a part of the facility, and using digital signage and traditional elements of architecture together to help create that ambience and experience for the customer or guest, whether in a small or large environment.  The type of technology mattered less than the actual feeling and experience of the environment.

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