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“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

Usually, I see something at DSE that really “wows” me, and that becomes my most memorable takeaway.  As someone who is always seeking new innovation in the industry, I love to see the technological advancements and out-of-the-box ideas.  As an end user, however, I am always looking at these advancements through the lens of business utility.  How would I use this new innovation in my business?  What kind of ROI does it carry?  And how would I pitch this to my business leaders as a worthwhile investment?  This year, I saw three types of innovation:  

The “Great” – These are innovative uses of existing technology such as displays with a chalkboard-like appearance, projection mapping on physical objects, and other visually creative effects.  These technologies are affordable right now and have very real applications in today’s business environments. 

The “Good” – These are continuing advances in new technology that will soon get to a level where they can be used effectively, such as hologram displays.  Some businesses trying to push the envelope on technology may find these useful today, but for most of us, the application is still too limited and the footprint too small to have a great ROI.  But I can see it coming. 

And finally, the “Why?” – This is technology that, in my opinion, is still many years away from being practical but appears to be taking a disproportionate amount of the R&D dollars of major manufacturers. The best example I saw in this category is 8K resolution. It’s crazy how much money it appears manufacturers are spending on this technology. Content is non-existent and custom content is extremely expensive.  It will be many years before content even catches up to 4K let alone 8K, and it will really only be valuable on the largest of displays.  I suppose there will be a time and a place for it, but for now, what I see is the little guys out-innovating the big players in the industry with their more practical applications.


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