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“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

There’s always so much to see at DSE, so much to learn and so many amazing pieces of content and system changes to absorb.

My biggest takeaway from DSE around content was a quote that I heard in the last presentation I attended. John Alger, from C&G Partners, who designs for JP Morgan Chase, and specifically for their three huge video walls in the lobby of their headquarters, shared this piece of advice – “Don’t fear the obvious.” Some of the amazing examples of effective content that were so obvious but so perfect for the huge, vast space of the lobby headquarters were clocks, time countdowns, maps and rivers of names.

In the corporate communications world where I work, we delve so far into the nitty-gritty of content, communicating about events, programs, benefits reminders, policy updates and the list goes on. And I think sometimes the most effective content can be the simplest. 

The other huge takeaway from this presentation left me inspired – “Always make it better.” When you implement a change, design a new set of campaigns, create a new type of signage installation, it’s amazing. But you have to continue to keep improving. Whether that’s returning to ‘the obvious’ or just continuing to progress your system, optimize your content and strategize your communication. It’s always about asking yourself how you can improve your digital signage system?

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