Ask the Board – November 19, 2018 | RALPH SCHORBACH


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

The 15th annual DSE show held in Las Vegas was another stellar event! The event just grows and gets bigger and better every year. Trying to hone in on one takeaway is a challenge unto itself with the diverse offerings of pre-conference, keynotes, general conference sessions, on-floor breakouts/sessions/workshops, exhibitors, vendor offerings and post conference options. The event is the best in the industry, covering just about every digital signage topic for everyone from the newbie to the advanced user.  The takeaway from any experience as this is in the eye of the receiver and their reasons for attending the show. But, just to filter through and point to several areas that will not disappoint, there the pre-conference tour, the Digital Signage Guided Installation, is never one to miss. It amazes me the amount of pull and industry resources that are available to solve anything related to digital signage.  The biggest pull for me, if you strip away all the tech, flashy objects and experience knowledge-base, is the content offerings and new-tech showcase covering up-and-coming ideas that we can all relate to such as facial recognition, clear screens and overlays, pixel density and the ability to spend real time in the vendor booths discussing needs requirements and solutions for them. There are many shows to visit, but DSE is never one to miss, with offerings not available anywhere else. 

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