Ask the Board – November 19, 2018 | STEVE “CHEWIE” STAVAR


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

DSE 2018 was a very busy conference for me this year. I chaired the education vertical for the seminars, moderated many of those seminars, presented, participated in multiple meet and greets and had in-depth meetings with my vendors. The biggest takeaway for me is that there is a certain level of finesse starting to take hold in the industry. End users are smarter than ever and are hungry for all the information they can gather. They are more educated in all the steps it takes to be proficient with digital signage. I saw a few interactions where an end user asked a vendor how their product worked with another vendor’s product, and another end user answered the question better than the vendor was able to. I think this is great for the industry.

End users are also yearning for others to share the ups and downs of their experiences with digital signage because many of them do not have the resources or budgets to hire reputable consultants to help guide them with their digital signage systems.

I look forward to how the industry grows over the next few years. I know we will look back and say, “Remember in 2018 when…”

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