Ask the Board – November 19, 2019 | IAN DALLIMORE


“What update to your signage analytics would excite you?”

In this new age, the way we collect data is constantly evolving. This goes beyond just the data sets working with third-party companies like, Quebiq, Foursquare and Ubimo, which is fun data that helps us tell brands and advertisers “the story” and helps our sales team sell. What excites me is the ability to look at:

  • Trends and analytics on who is buying our digital inventory and at what time of year. 
  • The programmatic performance on our screens to see what area of a city and what DMAs are performing highest.

We can then combine that data and make better decisions on where to deploy new digital screens in a market.  Data and analytics are now used for everything we do in our business from sales and CPM settings to trends and future deployment.

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