Ask the Board – November 19, 2019 | IAN GADSBY


“What update to your signage analytics would excite you?”

I think more ANALYTICS rather than more DATA would excite me.  We’re overwhelmed with data. I’ve got sensors and health information on a hundred things in thousands of units in the field.  Where I struggle is making the data helpful and not distracting.  Proper alerts, rather than false alarms and AI that can determine what combination of data points are required to create support tickets – that is what I’m looking for!  The ability to look across all the data points, and get that ‘feeling’ a great digital signage tech gets when they see data, to understand a problem is still a challenge.

The next step is to move beyond the graphs and into a suite of customizable Business Intelligence (BI) features that evaluate, prioritize and synthesize the information and then file an automated trouble ticket.  Ironically, these days, I find solving the problem easier than catching the problem faster than a client! 


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