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“What are the pros and cons of live meetings via digital screens versus live presentations? Does the cost benefit exceed the personal benefit?”

Let me start out by sayig that I HATE VIDEO CONFERENCING. I actually cannot think of one positive thing to say…particularly when you are presenting a concept with renderings, materials, models, etc. Nothing can beat the personal interaction. I need to see and feel the entire room when I present. Body language, facial expressions and the general air in the room are all important factors. That is almost impossible to do via video conference. Someone is almost always out of camera range, doing who knows what. It is also easier to participate verbally in a live meeting. Video delays can be quite challenging and often lead to individuals talking over each other. I completely understand the cost component, but there have been times that the conversations that occur following a presentation are more beneficial than the actual presentation itself. That is very hard to do when the video conference ends and the screen goes black.  As you can tell, I feel pretty strongly about this. I have yet to experience a video call that did not have some sort of technical difficulty, causing a delay and frustration on the part of all parties.

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