Ask the Board – November 26, 2018 | JEFF PORTER


“What are the pros and cons of live meetings via digital screens versus live presentations? Does the cost benefit exceed the personal benefit?”

I’m a big believer in GoToMeeting (or Webex) online meetings when introducing digital signage to new clients. To show the potential client something LIVE instead of a canned PowerPoint presentation is key.

When it comes down to the “key decision meeting,” however, nothing beats an in-person demo. I can’t imagine it any other way. You both have to “look each other in the eyes” and say “I can work with this company.” You don’t get that with a web meeting.

But it’s easy for sales guys to think that they are at the “final meeting” when in fact they are not. So watch your travel budget there, and make sure you tee up the key decision makers to be in the same room at the same time with you.

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