Ask the Board – November 4, 2019 | DAVE KOPPELMAN


“What else is needed for programmatic to be a consistent part of your DOOH sell/buy?”

In order for programmatic to be a consistent part of my DOOH buy, we will need consistent audience data.  We can’t have multiple data sources between all the different media companies.

Programmatic is all about buying audiences.  How can you buy an audience if that audience makeup is inconsistent?  How can you know who you are reaching if everyone uses different data sets? Programmatic uses click-throughs while digital OOH uses impressions, but many platforms use their own calculations to determine the impressions.  If everyone uses different methodologies, there will be no way to match your data sets.

Streamlining the data is critical.  One point of data is crucial.  Once we have that consistency across all players, programmatic can be added as part of the media mix.

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