Ask the Board – November 4, 2019 | TRAVIS KRAGH


“What else is needed for programmatic to be a consistent part of your DOOH sell/buy?”

Advancements in data management have pushed programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) to become one of the most exciting and fastest developing sectors within advertising. Despite the rapid growth, some ad buyers still have their qualms. Fragmentation, brand safety and attribution issues have been surfaced as concerns. 

The best way to combat these concerns is to continue to advance the accuracy of programmatic’s data and measurement tools. Leveraging location data is one exciting way programmatic measurement has recently been improved. New DOOH programmatic players are helping make location data more accessible and reliable. Location data allows ad buyers to have a better idea of who is near an ad when it airs. That still leaves marketers wondering if the person was actually looking at the screen, or were they just standing near it? An answer to this question would quickly elevate programmatic to become one of marketing’s most dependable tools.

While programmatic certainly has opportunities for improvement, the technology’s evolution over the past few years is truly remarkable. The process is definitely not perfect, but it is steadily improving. That is encouraging to see as we push forward with new ideas. Hopefully, continued refinement will help excite skeptical ad buyers.

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