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“What data sources are available to retailers, and how can they be used to determine content displayed on DS devices?”

Many retailers want to get a fuller understanding of the foot traffic that enters their establishments. They want this to better understand their customer base, their traffic for inventory control and their interior signage.

A key component though is their creative and messaging used to get the consumer to act immediately. This call to action in the store is critical to make that final push to purchase. So, what can retailers do to understand their audience?

There are a handful of ways to capture the audience:

  1. In-House Marketing.  This includes the use of their website, company blogs, social media accounts and email marketing.  Any interaction with these can include a ‘sign-up or join’ functionality.  Once done, messaging cannot only drive traffic into the store for offers but can retarget them once inside.
  2. Location Services and Analytical Companies. Many companies can measure what consumers do in the physical world. Smartphone mobile data mostly measures these and can provide indices of real-world paths and behaviors. 
  3. Social Media Companies.  Companies like Facebook can have check ins, likes, and ways to measure audiences who are physically in the space if location services are on.  On top of this, lookalike audiences can grow the universe of these services too.
  4. Beacons.  Many establishments are using beacons inside their stores to capture consumers and push notifications to them once inside the store. But, beacons can also be leveraged for audience understanding and foot-traffic measurement.

Collecting data on consumers is under such scrutiny right now, so any message pushed back to the consumer needs to be generic and scrutinized. You don’t want to creep people out … it just isn’t appreciated any longer.

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