Ask the Board – October 15, 2018 | BILL MASLYN


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

This was my first year at DSE, and my biggest takeaway was that it’s still early days for the industry with regard to comprehensive data strategies. While many DOOH networks are leveraging data in some way during their day-to-day operations, we’re not yet having meaningful data strategy conversations. In several of the conference sessions I was able to attend, most talk of data was limited to mobile data partnerships as a means to select digital signage locations for targeting, measure foot traffic lift, or extend OOH campaigns onto mobile devices. While important components to a data strategy, those use cases represent just a fraction of the value that DOOH networks can generate from the responsible use of their first-party data and third-party data partnerships.

How we’re collecting and using data to improve and measure the relevancy of content and the overall effectiveness of our digital signage are core topics that must be discussed to move the industry forward and both achieve parity with and differentiate from other digital media channels. To see the disconnect, you need not look any further than the vendors that were in the exhibit hall. While there were a few audience measurement vendors, the types of data providers and data platforms that should be engaged with us were not represented. Why? We must commit ourselves to having frank data strategy discussions to engage even more potential partners and move the industry forward.

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