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“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

Now that DSE 2018 is in the books and I’ve had some time to reflect, the biggest takeaway was the realization that there is still a long way to go in this industry with regards to content, and more importantly, content strategy and audience experience.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback I received in conversations with attendees was that there is still a big gap when it comes to the technology and the end-user experience. And by “end-user,” I’m referring to two groups: the B2B customer of the VARS and that group’s own B2C retail audiences. Within that gap lies content and content strategy. 

Attendees were starved for more information around what the customer experience could and should be and how to get there. One example was the talk given by the High Street Collective, which touched on more than technology in retail, including the context and expectations of consumers as being a key driver in how companies should invest in their retail experiences. The feedback within the room was more than enthusiastic and positive. It was bordering on gratitude, which tells me there is a serious need for more discussion in this area.

I know the team at DSE will capitalize on this as they begin their planning for 2019, and I know I will be offering my expertise along with my fellow Content Advisory Board members to bring a lot more attention and discussion to this topic moving forward.



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