Ask the Board – October 22, 2018 | JIM NISTA


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

More and more, I’m seeing the importance of real-time data and analytics in digital signage to deliver relevant messaging. Online advertising is all based around relevancy. Your browser knows you well, and Google, Facebook and Microsoft strive to deliver the most relevant ads unique just to you.

At DSE 2018, I saw more examples and solutions focused on relevancy in DOOH. There’s certainly a creepiness factor to all of this, but if I’m going to be bombarded with advertising in my everyday life, I’d at least prefer that it’s relevant to me. Detecting my age and gender is a good start, but those solutions have been around for a while. This year at DSE, I saw demos of analytics able to detect my attitude (happy v. frustrated) and solutions that use predictive analytics and AI to determine purchase intent. 

Video analytics and AI technology are getting better every day. Technologies like facial recognition and customer tracking will help deliver relevant messages on the digital signs and improve the viewer experience. There’s much more to come here, and I hope to see improvements at every upcoming DSE.

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