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“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

(Submitted by guest contributor Lauren Benda, Account Manager at Freshwater Digital Media Partners)

DSE 2018 was such an innovating and eye-opening experience. As a consultant in this industry, we are thinking outside the box on a daily basis to come up with new and innovative solutions for our clients. Not only did DSE reinforce that the world is going digital at a high speed, but it confirmed to us that we can make digital happen anywhere, in any capacity, for any client and that there are plenty of unique ways to make it happen. 

I keep thinking back about the booth for S-Paint that was “painting” on glass and then using rear projection to display content.  They were able to scrape it off and move it to another surface. This reinforces the fact that digital can be done anywhere and why it can be a great option for anyone. You can meet any need with digital signage or a digital experience. We were able to see many new options for menu boards, digital shelf tags and even a mirror that had an interactive consultant, which allows us to bring more value to our clients.

Another key takeaway from DSE 2018 is that everyone in this industry is willing to work together. There are so many companies that offer similar services, but most are willing to refer you to someone that might fit your needs better or your clients’ needs better. For example, there are several great media player options out there, but based on your unique need (i.e. size, memory, warranty, ports, Wi-Fi, etc.), you may get directed to a specific supplier. If someone doesn’t offer what you need, they likely will help you find a partner that does. 

Many times, one company does not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option, and this was reinforced at DSE.  Establishing great relationships is key to offering exactly what your clients need.  We work together as an industry to create digital solutions, and it doesn’t go unnoticed when one company helps another. We are cooperative but competitive. 

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