Ask the Board – October 22, 2018 | STEVE GLANCEY


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

The digital signage market is maturing. 

As I walked the floor at DSE, it was clear to me that the best companies offering services within each of the key elements of digital signage are rising to the top as technology costs are being driven down. Strategic acquisitions are being made, and market consolidation is taking place. Really, all the services and technology exist today at an efficient price required for any business looking to create value through digital signage to succeed. All it takes is more companies and entrepreneurs catching a glimpse of digital signage’s ability to make their visual communication solutions more cost-effective and engaging to their audience. The industry needs more businesspeople to create the value by producing business solutions of tomorrow with the technology ready to be used today. Think along the lines of smart cities or retail and corporate spaces driving the value of in-person experiences over online impersonal solitude. 

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