Ask the Board – October 28, 2019 | CHERYL FLOHR


“What are effective cost-reduction strategies that can be employed with digital signage to keep your capital investment and maintenance low?”

Commonality is a good way to control costs with digital signage. Using a common standard of hardware, such as screens and media players, allows a business to buy at volume, reducing unit costs. Installation costs are typically lower, because lessons learned at one site can be used at others, solving challenges more easily and reducing labor hours.

Employing a common content management system makes content creation faster and easily adaptable. Learning curves for users are abbreviated as knowledge is shared and common tools are applied. In addition, common content can also be shared reducing the creative labor required.

Information technology costs are also reduced, as common system solutions are employed throughout multiple sites, creating robust and sturdy networks.

Organizations that have grown through acquisition and mergers often have a variety of digital signage that is stitched together. Communication teams struggle to apply common content and scheduling across diverse platforms. The cost of labor spent in managing a set of diverse systems would be far better spent in the investment of a common system.


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