Ask the Board – October 28, 2019 | JERRY HARRIS


“What are effective cost-reduction strategies that can be employed with digital signage to keep your capital investment and maintenance low?”

The best way to look at digital signage cost-reduction measures is to start by understanding what your digital signage needs are. Make a list of needs as opposed to “nice to haves.” Once you have given this some thought, and have a good idea of what’s needed, find the right CMS that fits your needs. The majority of the CMS companies provide scalable solutions so your cost of entry should be relatively low.

Now, based on your digital signage network requirements, your media player could be an embedded solution (SoC), which would save you money on the purchase of a player. Carefully evaluate your future needs before you decide on a SoC solution versus a separate media player.

Needless to say, invest in good quality screens. Viewers will not see the media players, the mounts or the network infrastructure, so no need to go overboard on these components. Top performers such as LG, Samsung and Planar, etc. are good products to start with and will keep your maintenance costs and replacement frequency low.


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