Ask the Board – October 28, 2019 | PAUL FLEURANGES


“What are effective cost-reduction strategies that can be employed with digital signage to keep your capital investment and maintenance low?”

Employing effective cost-reduction strategies actually begins during the planning process for your digital signage project. Getting buy-in on your project, goals and expectations from all stakeholders is the first part of that process. Being crystal clear on why you want to deploy digital signage and what you plan to use it for will help define your project, identify the appropriate resources needed and budget to support it going forward. Scoping out your requirements based on your unique environment — physical and technical — doing research and choosing the right partner(s) to provide you with the technology solution that meets your specifications will go a long way to keeping your project on budget before, during and after your screens go live. Following these steps will, in turn, assist in keeping capital or operating investments within budget. Expansion, of course, sets the wheels in motion yet again.

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