Ask the Board – October 29, 2018 | MIKE WHITE


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

My biggest takeaway from DSE 2018 is that our digital signage market is now mature with great parity in both software and hardware.  We must shift our focus from hardware and software that interrupts to hardware and software that enhances or adds to the experience. For years, most digital signage has been focused on getting attention, being disruptive to the shopper’s environment on the retail side and being just noticed on the corporate non- retail side. The noise level continues to increase in volume as more and more people implement digital signage. So how does an integrator bring value to a company implementing digital signage? We bring value by helping clients focus on what they want to accomplish with their investment and how it can be measured. Then, we encourage them to invest in their content to bring an enhanced experience to their targets. As integrators, to be a resource for such content, we will need to seek out creative agencies that see and understand how digital signage can enhance the experience and do more than just disrupt and partner with them for the benefit or our customers.


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