Ask the Board – October 29, 2018 | TJ DiQUOLLO


“What was your biggest takeaway from DSE 2018?”

DSE 2018 was a fantastic show and one of biggest and most exciting shows I’ve had the pleasure to go to this year. As always, DSE showcases new technologies, upgraded products, emerging trends and has knowledgeable experts to help newcomers navigate the industry. My biggest takeaway from the show was the shift in approach from hardware and software vendors with the traditional ‘hang screens and show content’ philosophy to creating experiences with technology.

For many years, digital signage had standard components that needed to be pulled together to build a network of displays to broadcast information. Now, I am seeing how the evolution of these components is enabling companies to build experiences that evaluate networks from digital posters to very personal and inspiriting spaces. Software and hardware that is open to manipulation from third-party products is being engineered to allow creative use cases that were not easily affordable or replicable before. There are frameworks within the industry now that allow designers and operators to have a big budget experience at a lower cost and shorter time to market. I am excited to see where the progression of AI takes the signage industry and how the most basic components of networks past can be used as springboards into the open technological frontier of the future.

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