Ask the Board – October 8, 2018 | BRYAN MESZAROS


“What are some guiding principles for content prepared for close-up viewing versus long-distance?”

How many people paid attention in Typography 101? If you missed the lesson on “font sizes,” it was a good one! We tend to see this scenario a lot of times where a designer fails to recognize the importance of distance when creating a piece of content. Design is a balance of “common sense” and “problem solving,” and just like designing for print, we incur all the same design challenges for digital signage.  Here are a few basic principles to consider: 

– Distance: Distance is both your friend and enemy! During development, stand up and step away from your desktop!! Take a look; can you read it, does it make senses from 10 feet away? How about on a larger display? 

– Image Quality: How does the quality of the imagery appear? Low-resolution imagery is something to ALWAYS stay away from! 

– Simplification: Too many words on the screen make it harder to decipher what you are trying to convey to your audience. 

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