Ask the Board – October 8, 2018 | PATRICIA MITRANO


“What are some guiding principles for content prepared for close-up viewing versus long-distance?”

Guiding principles for short or long-distance evolve around the viewer.  Those up-close appreciate content that’s informative, clear and interactive. Touchscreens invite user input with greater detail revealed when requested. The attention of long-distance passersby is fleeting and seconds count for quick, poignant branding, missions, reminders or appeals.  Strong verbs and concise phrasing (command, a declaration or suggestion) with clear call-to-actions make remembering a message easier.  Known retention tricks arranging text and images in chunks and clusters (like phone numbers and bulleted lists appear) as less for viewer to recall later.  Effective content breathes simplicity, yet it’s far from simple. Rather than bombard, entice the viewer with a golden nugget rather than visual ambiguity.

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