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“There appears to be an industry consensus on the need for industry standards and measurement. How should the industry go about developing and implementing these?”

A few years back (before there *was* something called the DSF!!) there was a group of digital signage folks at POPAI (a retail point of purchase trade association), who came up with some standards. It started with terminology, so that we could all be speaking the same language. Then it moved on to playlog standards, so that logs could be easily ingested from various different vendor systems uniformly. This was a critical part of measuring the effectiveness of a network. Then, video standards were tackled (although that’s not much of an issue these days). POPAI has since morphed into the Shop Association, and their digital group is no more.

Here’s a link to those documents:

There was an attempt at the end to have some interoperability between Content Management Systems and Media Players, but that work was never finished. I am proud of the work that we did back then to at least get the terminology and playlogs to match.  Feel free to share these documents with your colleagues as they are developing products and services for the digital signage marketplace. If we need something more than this, we’ll need to start something up with the DSF. 

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