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“How do you determine the right hardware to use based on initial conversations, before content needs are finalized?”

Determining hardware is a very important step in the decision making process. I have found that having conversations with the client to be clear on the expected experience narrows the selection down. Getting their perspective on how they see this experience can really set the bar on what hardware will deliver this vision. If a customer is looking for a traditional approach to signage utilizing content that is just graphics and video, then a low-cost player or display with an embedded chip will be more than sufficient to handle the playback. If a customer is looking into having an interactive experience for their users, this will call for more demanding hardware, from CPU processing power to a more robust video card. This is also true for video walls. Distribution of the video signal will call for a video wall processor to handle the content and distribute it according to the video wall specifications. There is a huge spectrum of offerings in this space with different levels of pricing. One needs to do proper research to match the right hardware to the job to ensure that something isn’t just meeting the minimum requirements. Disaster and a disappointed customer will surely follow if you miss this step! Make sure that support is in place for this hardware as well. Proper research, testing, installation and execution with support in place will ultimately lead to a successful deployment.

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