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“How do you determine the right hardware to use based on initial conversations, before content needs are finalized?”

If I have said it once, I must have said it a thousand times…content strategy is one of the most important aspects for any new digital environment. Understanding the requirements of the system is the only way to properly specify the correct hardware and software solution. With that being said, there are ways to determine the right technology to use before content needs are finalized.

The best way I’ve found is to guide the initial conversations in a direction that helps the customer imagine all the possibilities of a new solution. If a client does not have a very detailed content strategy, then I will often talk them through a bunch of different use cases to see what piques their interests. To do this, I use a fairly generic “content requirements checklist,” which helps me run through a multitude of creative scenarios to see what resonates with the client. Simple “yes” and “no” responses for certain features often lead to more creative conversations that ultimately generate ideas they may never have considered before. Not only does this exercise help the client visualize what they want to do with the system on “Day One,” but it also shows them how important it is to have a written creative strategy to guide them into the future with this new system.

All the discussions and information gathered from these discovery sessions are explicitly used to specify all the hardware, software, and ancillary components required for the system to exceed client expectations. As with any system design, we openly future-proof as much of it as possible to ensure the technology can handle a growing and evolving content strategy.  

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