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“SoC vs Media Players: With more and more manufacturers offering System on a Chip (SoC) solutions, what’s the tipping point end users need to consider when planning their solutions?”

I love my small reliable media players because they support HTML, are low cost, and they work reliably for years. However, I’m anxiously awaiting a future where we render directly to our screens and support only one device.

My concerns are:

  • Are we able to reuse years of client/server code and authored content?
  • Can we use existing media and feeds, especially encoded video codecs? 
  • Which technical operations tools will be available for firmware, networking, and screenshots? 
  • How much total cost savings can be achieved if integrated device components fail?
  • What industry standards similar to CEC and RS-232 will be available across manufacturers?
  • When will SoC apps support accessories like touch, beacons, cameras, and more?

Screen manufacturers can help by:

  • Making their embedded media player features and pricing clear
  • Providing free software development kits with HTML5 and Node standards
  • Supporting OPS embedded media players and content in addition to new SoC 
  • Including rich and integrated device management tools
  • Securing the device, memory, connectors, network, remote, and power

By the way, I think the market is open to industry leaders and innovative startups.

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