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“SoC vs Media Players: With more and more manufacturers offering System on a Chip (SoC) solutions, what’s the tipping point end users need to consider when planning their solutions?”

The primary thing to consider about a media player vs. SoC is the complexity of your content. SoC capability has come a long way since the early years with improved functionality and increased performance.

More complex content, which is dynamically rendered based on logic and metadata, will likely require a dedicated media player. A good example of this is a QSR menu board, which pulls data from various systems, as well as pulls assets based on metadata from an asset library, and places them in the appropriate location in the correct size and dimensions.

Less complex content, such as a playlist of full-screen video and image-based assets, is very well suited for a SoC system. , Also, it should be noted that some systems are capable of slightly more complex content designs than a single-zone playlist.


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