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“SoC vs Media Players: With more and more manufacturers offering System on a Chip (SoC) solutions, what’s the tipping point end users need to consider when planning their solutions?”

SoC presents a great cost savings opportunity, but you need to have an understanding of what content you are looking to run, now and in the future, to make sure that it is the right solution. You should consider the complexity of the content you want to run. Is it all dynamically generated, are you using feeds or triggering content?  How much animation will be on each screen and what type? Are you running video or simple animations? Does it need to sync with another screen? Do you have multiple zones animating on one screen?  And understand the amount of content or messages you will have available and rotating on the screen – are you rotating through just a handful of messages, or do you have many messages to display or to be served on command? The more complex each of these inputs are, the more it challenges the performance of the SoC. Work with your partners, be open as to your content requirements, and test your systems and content to gauge performance. Also, stay on top of the advances in the space. Manufacturers are improving the product every year. What may not work now very well could in just a short time. 


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