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“What is the biggest obstacle to you performing your job on time and on budget?”

While project management continues to become less and less of a factor, it tends to be the biggest internal challenge to an integrator when selling a digital signage project. This, in no way, reflects negatively on an individual Project Manager, but is more a reflection of the complexity of a digital signage project. Project Managers in the traditional AV integration world have learned to magically plan and work through most anything that comes up in a normal AV integration project, but most companies do not do enough digital signage to have developed that same level of expertise with digital signage projects.   

Digital signage includes more elements and variables that can cause delays, overruns and STRESS. The most common challenge is content. I would suggest that this tends to be the most challenging element of every digital signage project (for both integrator and customer) after you have identified clearly the business reason you are going to invest in digital signage in the first place. While the following recommendation is a proven way to greatly reduce the stress associated with content creation, it is not a panacea.  A well written and concise Statement of Work, which identifies in detail the responsibilities of each party and the timelines to which each party has agreed, goes a long way to support the project management of a successful deployment. The key to success is to support your project manager by doing your job as the salesperson and systems integrator. That means asking questions, writing down the discussed solutions and standing with your project manager, who calls everyone on both sides into accountability.  




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