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“What is the biggest obstacle to you performing your job on time and on budget?”

No matter the size of a project, there are factors seen and unseen that can impact the time it takes to complete and stay in the green in the overall budget. Like on any home improvement show, the contractor introduces a situation or situations to the homeowner that cost money to fix. The camera will zoom in and get a homeowner reaction, which is usually concern or “what have I gotten myself into!”

Suggested fixes need to be addressed in most cases. Some can be ignored, but will most likely be a factor in the future. Some implementations go without a single issue, and the solution is installed without incident, on time and on budget. However, there are situations we’ve come across where electrical or network issues impact the installation. This causes a domino effect, which can impact several facets of the installation. If one component needs to be implemented before the other, it causes a delay for the next phase and so on. For instance, we might find that a previous installation was not done up to code, or we may need to repair or fix prior work so that the new solution runs smoothly without any potential performance hits. Any of these factors can cause the project to go over budget, not to mention frustrate the client.

What can be done to ensure all the bases are covered? What is the magic formula in keeping projects on time and on budget? There is no way to predict the future. Things don’t always go as planned. But planning is the key, and it takes good planning from both sides. The client and Integrator both need to work together to draft the overall phases of implementation. The integrator, in most cases, needs to shop test the solution before installing it on site. This ensures the equipment is working as expected and that we understand the signal flow of the design. 

AVI-SPL’s certified designers and engineers will introduce new systems that are interoperable with the client’s current systems. AVI-SPL can also develop a technology roadmap for the long-term viability of the solutions. This will help the client understand what they have today and what they can grow into tomorrow. Expectations are set and budgets can be addressed to meet technology demands.

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