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“How do you advise your clients when it comes to budgeting creative services for a project?”

Like most creative agencies, we budget either hourly or as a set-price project with a detailed scope of work. Typically, even on set-price budget projects, we give ourselves (and the client) the option to convert the project to hourly if there are significant revisions or change orders. When a full scope of work isn’t ready in advance of the project, we will provide ballpark pricing from typical projects, and work hourly, submitting detailed time sheets to the client as we go. Many clients have experience with typical graphic design workflows and budgets, but they may be new to projects with programming, animation or interactivity. We provide examples of project timelines and budgets when working with someone new to digital signage projects that involve creative, coding and animation. Projects with custom coding can increase timelines and budgets significantly, and upfront education is key to keeping everything on track.

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