Ask the Board – September 3, 2019 | CHRIS MACKENZIE


“What role does the AV integrator have in regards to network security for digital signage networks?”

While we should hold AV integrators to the highest standard, it is up to the operator/owner to ensure that their product not only delivers to customers, but is also secure and protects all consumers/viewers. To assume that the AV integrator is delivering a secure solution is very dangerous. Assume the worst. Get educated, change your passwords regularly, keep a list of who has access, use firewalls and VPNs and have a tested plan of how to react to something unfavorable. For example, use a SmartLink to shut off the power should the screen get damaged or otherwise compromised. Many of the AV integrators are excellent, but always keep in mind that their first job is to get your sign installed. Typically, making sure the operator can access and change content is rushed as the integrator needs move on to the next job, which can mean that the act of securing and changing default passwords gets skipped or planned for ‘next week.’ Once the sign is up and running, that becomes low priority to all so make it your first priority at install time.

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